Friday, August 17, 2012

God's Well Loved

This blogger, school head of Cubay Elementary School in La Carlota City, who later learned of their Schools Division Superintendent's (Portia M. Mallorca) natal day took a time to compose an instant birthday wish output (in free verse) as follows:

God provides everything for His spirit children.

God overcomes temptations as challenges in any form, that they may come across as they live.

God remembers those who are least among His children.

God tries everyone but not beyond his or her capacity to bear.

God instills the best values for His children to make them obedient and exemplar being.

God accepts everyone who falls and trespasses His laws and commandments for He is God of love.

This birthday wish incorporates words like "provides", "overcomes", "remembers", "tries", "instills", "accepts" that all start with the initial letter of a name of woman, P. O. R. T. I. A., who is celebrating her birthday. May she be blessed of the best of everything in her special day today. Happy birthday, Ma'am Portia!

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