Sunday, February 9, 2020

The way back home

Virtual heaven

by: lynsan

I kissed her forehead...she laid motionless...
I carried her in my arms...her arms dangled, swaying...lifeless
I cried telling her she is so unfair.
“I thought you love me?”, I said, “Why you never told me that you will leave me so soon?”
I asked.
I heard no answer, but the whisper of the wind caressing my cheeks, telling me I must be strong.
I embraced her tight like I never did when she was still with me…
She was cold…she can never embrace me back now!
I was so absurd, telling how much I love her but she can’t hear nor feel it anymore.

There are so many WHY’s…questions can never be answered.
I looked down the seemed forever.
How I wish we would never reach home.
How I wish we would travel together.
How I wish she would take my hand and walk with me like she did when I was still little.
But this is reality…NANAY is gone…
I will never see her face again.
I will never hear her voice again.
I can never hold her hands again.
I would miss her forever…

This is the fate I should face.
No matter how hard, I should accept…
The storm has passed, silence prevailed...calmness lingered.
The dawn is coming in the east.
The crimson rays gilds over the mountains.
How beautiful is it to look at..But her eyes are closed now.
She would never see the sunrise again
.Now she is free…like the bird…like the wind…
I know where is now, she is happy.
For, she would never felt pain and suffering again like she had been through before…
I know she is happy now of what she had made me.
In her little way, she had made me a better person.

Our journey had stopped...we had reached home…
She is so heavy now…My steps seemed to retreat.
I would like to evade the truth…that she had left me.
I laid her on the bed, on that bed where I can never see her lying in there again.
On that bed, where I can never see her eyes again staring at me telling me that she is fine and for me to take care when I leave for work.
On that bed where I can never see her smile again greeting me when I arrive home.

We are home…yes! She is home…
Letting her go is not that easy...but I have to. I have to say goodbye to the woman who walked with me all the way.
I have to say goodbye to the woman who took good care of me and regarded me as her own son.
I have to say goodbye to the woman who made me what I am now.
Someday, somehow we will meet again.

Like her, I would travel my way back home, too.
I’ll wait for that day to come…for us to be together again.
Just like the time when she was still with me.
Just like the time when there was only me, her and the world.
I know, she would then take me in her arms.
She would then let me sleep on her lap…
She would then sing me a song and lull me to sleep.
She would then tell me stories…of fantasies…of fairies…of make believe…
I’ll be missing you NAY..
I don’t want to say goodbye...but see you some time again …
When?... Where?...How?... I do not know…I do not know..

n.b. This is a repost from its original source with the permission of the author, Sir Lynold Sansaet