Friday, August 11, 2017

paean of teofilo

36.... paean of teofilo 7.27.2017 1048am


you are my rain
and chill limpid
August logic told me
i was secretly
yours too...

but what is the point
you forgot the mark
we solemnly etched
on the bark
of the trysting tree

two hearts linked
as our loins were
in the sentinel dark
of scattered evenings
when the moons were full
on cold clear skies

yet all were lies
adept you are at
swimming in wind
blowing north to northeast
in a middle-aged quest
for milk and honey
to fill limp breasts

goodbye will remain
unuttered by lips denied
to sanctify your sighs..

n.b.: reposted with permission from the author. This one of his serial thoughts posted in his FB page.

The Author

Filoteo Mendaza Aguillon