Friday, October 5, 2012

My Unforgettable Teachers

Names of my unforgettable teachers

My Unforgettable Teachers
by Gil Camporazo

Ma'm Acot implants the most character a person could find
Initiative I learn from her, which until now I keep it in my mind.

Ma'm Cortez, a teacher I dearly appreciate
Who says that the value of work is for a man to inculcate.

Ma'm Senador, a teacher I adore
Honesty she teaches me as a virtue forevermore.

Ma'm Gencianeo, a mathematician I first encounter
Encouraging me to be a wise and a freethinker.

Sir Lapatha, a teacher who inspires me of his leadership
Says, never left someone behind - 'tis a test of true friendship.

Ma'm Gepilano, a grade six adviser
Teaching me to have a study habit to be an A-1 achiever.

Ma'm Jalandoni, a teacher with full of love
In frustration, and in sorrow I have
Never giving up for there's Someone up above!

While Sir Musada, a science high school teacher
Assures me that social relationship is sweeter not bitter.

  Yes! unforgettable teachers they are to me
Thanking them I use to be
So importantly making my life so dearly
Even more dearly to live forever be.

My high schoolmate, Ms. Luna Lim-Tingson who has completed her high school one year ahead of me has this to say about these teachers:

"They are GREAT TEACHERS!!! They are the strength of the fibers embedded and waved in my well being, the well spring of the knowledge to what i am now. The persons who were instruments of molding me, shaping me, and creating a good person.

"Dolores Acot... she was one of those grade school teachers who was so feminine in her ways.

"Edna Cortez, she will always be my inspiration for she taught me the graces, coordination and emphasis of SMILE during the dance routine. The gracefulness in executing movements which i value the most.

"Aurora Senador, she was always charming and soft spoken in her ways.

"BLanquita Gencianeo, i miss her. OMG, she speaks with authority. Mathematics began a new shape in first year high school. Core memorization was supplemented by reasoning how you derived to a certain mathematical equation. My memoir from our last meeting runs this way: Class 69... historical and experimental group...( needs a Lot of explanation).

"Lemuel Lapatha, not only taught Science / biology with passion but he activated students involvement in science projects and clubs , etc."

"Edith Gepilano, my grade 5 teacher, my aunt, my surrogate mother. Pilipino will never be easy  for me without her.She is firm , a motivator...and lot more.Can I brag?

"Fortunata Jalandoni.... Oh , she is a paragon of virtues... caring!!!

"Candido Musada, the one that makes your thoughts go wild...unconventional ways of thinking."

(n.b.: Miss Acot is my grade one teacher, Mrs. Cortez, grade two; Miss Senador, grade three; Miss Gencianeo, first year; Mr. Lapatha, Biology; Mrs. Gepilano, grade five; Mrs. Jalandoni, grade four; and Mr. Musada, science one.)

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