Friday, January 24, 2014

Ma’m Rosario, We Love You!

by Gil Camporazo

Ma'm Rosario and the author dancing
Ma'm Rosario and the author dancing

["Why We Are Here?" was written by me in a spur of a moment based in the acrostic ROSARIO.]

Why we Are Here?

Remember what God has commanded His children
         "Go ye and multiply", my sisters, my brethren.
         "Replenish the earth…" with joy and they’re glad
         For He’s with them, their loving and caring God.

Obedience is the first law in heaven
         No chaos, turmoil, disorder’s been
         For God has tried His children, big or small
         To be faithful, obedient, one and all.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God
         In all their dealings and won’t be sad.
         From sunrise to sunset all is well
         Eternal happiness, their heart will swell.

Anxious for troubles, right and left of them
         Of testing their unwavering faith in Him
         Couldn't be solved unless they pray
         For God, their Savior has the answer as final say.

Reputation makes them eligible per se
         To enter God’s kingdom as they would see
         The mansions prepared for them
         As they value God’s pure love in them.

In the name of Jesus, they do everything
         For He’s their living water that keeps on flowing
         To quench their thirst of salvation after sinning
         And realizing the pure love of Christ, without questioning.

O God, their God, our God, we humbly beseech thee today
         That we are here in this momentous and memorable day
         To honor this wonderful woman, we truly endear
         To all kindred, tongue and nations, loud and clear.

ROSARIO, that is her precious name
         In her own unique way, she’s the best, full of fame
         With all might, mind and strength we join her too
         By saying, “Ma’m Rosario, we love you!”

This is a poem I composed while I was taking a break inside my office in the school as a tribute to Ma'm Rosario R. Arranguez, district II supervisor as she celebrated her 61st birthday anniversary, that was held at the learning resource center of La Carlota North Elem. School. The district II which I belong handled the afternoon birthday party.

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