Saturday, July 7, 2018

On Foods, Born Again, Homecoming

Foods Make, Unmake You

Eat what you may
And something to your dismay.
Eat veggies and nutritious food
And be surprised something is good.

Eat meat sparingly
And run to your capacity
You won't get tired and weary
But happy and merry.

Born Again

Six years I dwindled in disbelief
Spiritual darkness engulfed myself
I was terribly incarcerated in a shelf
In a world of ignorance like a thief.

The day has come to know the truth
A humble, soft-spoken Elder had sought
And taught me the Gospel truth
Baptized me for the sin I fought.

The Homecoming

Excited as I was
To attend the alumni homecoming
Of my former school in Yubo
Something uncomfortable did happen.

I was treated as a stranger
With a lukewarm welcome in dismay
This strangeness led me aptly
To go home unnoticed immediately.

n.b. - These are the repost of my poems posted at myLot, my other writing site which I have joined.

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