Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aura Luz Benizon

by Gil Camporazo

Whoever you are - it doesn't matter:

          Be it a burgeoning sweet scented flower of September
          Or an inviting beaming moon of October;
          Be it an early refreshing morning dew drops of June
          Or a scorching heat of a noon day April;
          Be it a glittering precious stone of queen of Egypt
          Or the invaluable, soothing, efficacious gift of Acabar;

          Be it an inhabited mountain peak of Mount Everest
          Or the unfathomable deep blue sea of Pacific;
          Be it thee posses divers hues of an afternoon rainbow
          Or a grandiose personality --

That bothers me not - WHOEVER YOU ARE - I LIKE YOU.

Wherever you are - only the Divine Providence knows:

          Be it, however, in my dream or in my superconscious mind;
          Be it in the middle of the thick jungle of Africa
          Or in the midst of voluminous haystack in the barn;
          Be it in the cloud nine or in Kolob where Celestial Beings reside;
          Be it in this filthy world or in the world to come --

I have and I must find you - WHEREVER YOU ARE - I HAVE TO FIND YOU. 


  1. I used to write poems too when I was still in school.. Thanks for sharing this.. =)

  2. Sino po si Aura Luz ser? :)

    Ang ganda nito, simple word na may kalaliman din. Salamat po dito :)

  3. beautiful poetry there, sir gil.
    i wonder who aura luz is ? luz is also part of my name :))

  4. Beautiful poem. Whoever she is. She's lucky to have an admirer like you.

  5. I wish I could write poetry too :(

  6. this can be made to a song. Nice one

  7. Gil this is a very nice poem. Who is Aura Luz? if a real person she is one lucky woman and I wish you could find her! But one thing certain you found your craft!

  8. curious lng po sa title. :D swerte naman ng girl.. awp!

  9. I can't remember the last time I wrote a poem. argh This poem is so lovely. It is about being persistent i guess. And I am curious about the title. :)
    - Sionee

  10. Your poetry pushes me to write again, but sometime soon perhaps. ^_^

  11. hmmm.. I like the title. and the poem also. sino nga ba siya? ^^


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