Monday, February 20, 2012

Deserving Good Deeds

by Gil Camporazo

Pseudoism and lying futile
Unlike honesty so very fertile
Enriches the reputation of a man
Like a golden spark of the shining sun.

The supreme protagonist that is love
Like the white plumage of the pious, holy dove
Glorifies one's innate personality
And causes the downfall of the enemy.

Insane, foolish, and lunatic chaps truly --
The outcasts of society as deem intrinsically.
Behold they are human like us
Be sympathetic, be demure so as.

Be misguided not: "A honey tongue, a heart of gall..."
Be rather sincere, be faithful in all
Be full of love, full of care in thy needs
For they are good and deserving deeds.


  1. i like the last two lines "be full of love, full of care in thy needs, for they are good and deserving deeeds"

  2. How charming to imagine that "plumage of the pious, holy dove." Feels like being in church again. Seriously I need to get inside one. It's been awhile.

  3. Absolutely! Deserving Good Deeds is the right title. I love reading your poem Sir Gil very inspiring and clever rhyming of lyrics.

  4. I missed writing poems after reading this Sir Gil. ^_^

    Well everyone deserves a good deed once in a while ^_^

  5. I actually not a fan of English poem, I am just being sincere

  6. beautiful poetry there, sir gil. hope you do more.

  7. right! we should do good deeds to deserve good deeds.

  8. i love the poem, sir. let's keep the faith in GOD first and good deeds will follow.


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