Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crucial Life

by Gil Camporazo

Infirm emotion that leads me to the world of woe,
          To the sea of loneliness and unhappiness,
          To the arena of fiery, arduous rivalry,
          And to the cursing place of Golgotha.

Blessed to the mind; polluted to the eyes;
          The memoirs that had been left
          Like an astronomical grains of sand
          That spread along the splashing seashore
          Were iniquities.

Nature, however, helps --
          Like the whizzing breeze of summer,
          That allures my willing heart
          To pursue my sailing toward the undiscovered world,
          Is gone forevermore.

It is gone to last the barrier of veracity
          That impedes my sailing aim
          To succeed in my trying attempts
          And to be calm in my distressing situation
          That echoes to my state of pensiveness.

Like the beaming moon of October
          That alludes me in times of query,
          That annoys me in times of solitude,
          That intoxicates me in soberness,
          Is now leading me to a righteous path of eternity.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Athena. Yes, I will. For your information, before I became a serious writer, I started in poem writing when I was a grade 5 pupil in the elementary sometime in 1965.

    2. SOON MY FRIEND...
      when fluid thouGhts of passion
      fill up the crannies of my brain
      when infant poems announce their birth
      in a heart newly vacated of paIn

      i wilL pen you some lines of ascendant joy
      i will create again a new record of hope
      if only to show the body politic that we do not fear
      to voice once more the clamor for change

    3. Thanks friend, Filoteo for penning such thoughts on SOON MY FRIEND... :)

    4. ... harvest moon

      the sea is placid tonight
      iligan bay lies still as lake lanao at noon
      and i in my airy room lay disturbed sleepless
      longing for the absent february moon

      ahh that magical moonlight
      of a romance-filled night
      when hearts were young
      and troth was sprung
      of pristine love
      unmindful of
      the twists of fate
      the lashings of hate
      that would separate
      the moneyed you
      from impoverished me
      on later years of
      our warped destiny.

      o harvest moon
      you and the talisay tree
      down by that pebbled shore
      bore witness to inchoate consummation
      of first time hearts becoming one.

      and i never knew never saw
      the replica of me and you
      imprint on a flesh that has grown
      some thirty distant suns ago.

      the sea is calm tonight
      and as i lay me down on this hovel by the bay
      i will hoard again my tearless aches
      and think of you and my namesake a thousand miles away

      filoteo mendaza aguillon 11:22pm o2/21/12

  2. Nice poem sir!! keep on writing!! Goodluck on your new blog.. ;)

  3. Interesting poem! Just keep going po.

  4. Wow. This is a lovely poem, sir. I love the 3rd stanza. You have a way with words, sir Gil. :)

  5. you're a gifted writer sir! thanks for sharing! keep it coming!!!


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