Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sister Morena Sanchez
by Melinda Sanchez

After months of service and weeks of devotion
She’ll step on that plane and come ‘cross the ocean.
Awash in nerves and drenched in delight
She’ll come down that hall at the end of her flight.

We’ll be pacing the floor and biting our nails,
Trying to see past the guards and rails.
For a glimpse of her profile, her shadow, her hair;
Any possible thing to know that she’s there.

Then that moment will come when we see her face
That precious daughter, back home, in her place.
With drums in our chests and a sting in our eyes
The count down to seconds, the sun in the skies,

We’ll reach out our arms as she comes through the door
Choke back the sobs and run cross the floor.
Then with arms wrapped around her in a heavenly grasp,
We’ll thank our dear Father, she is home at last!

(*This poem is written by Melinda Sanchez, LDS member and it is dedicated to her daughter missionary, Sister Morena Sanchez who has served 18 months of missionary work here in the Philippines and she has served briefly in our place, La Carlota. Sister Sanchez will be home a week from today.)


  1. Beautiful poem. What a perfect way to welcome a loved one who has gone for sometime. May she have a safe trip on her way home.

  2. There is no place like home :) Such a meaningful poem..nakakaantig!

  3. Homecoming is always exciting. Beautiful poem for everyone.

  4. Welcome home sister Morena.
    Lovely..a touching poem...

  5. love the poem.. kudos the Mom too for really offering her child's protection unto the Lord

  6. A really nice poem. You'd feel that she's put her heart in it.

  7. wow Gil! this is such a great homecoming poem from a mother, that any LDS missionary could ever received at the end of her mission!"well done my good and faithful servant - Sis. Sanches".you had the best 18 months of your life. and i know that the many days/years ahead of you will just fall into place like it did with mine!

  8. OMG sir naiyak naman ako.... Very nicely written and so full of emotion!

  9. a poem from a mother to her child.. priceless

  10. a heart warming poem from a mother dedicated to her missionary daughter.This is something to be proud of.

  11. The poem is wonderfully written! Homecomings are just precious. There's nothing like coming home after being away for some time.

  12. Very touching and wonderful! Its nice to travel and experience things in other country but there's no place like home still. Tnx for the share! :)

  13. i love to write poems and this truly touched my heart. the rhyming adds tone and deep feelings... the overwhelming joy that a mother feels when reunited with her daughter is vividly expressed

  14. Beautiful poem indeed especially with the rhymes at the end of each line. ^_^

  15. A wonderful poem. I can feel the author's longing for her daughter... Oh! I suddenly miss someone... =)


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