Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayer Before Examination

by Ferdinand Sy 

Lord God assist me today as I take examinations
      send Your Holy Spirit to cast light
      on the darkness of my mind
      that I may be able to recall
      what I have studied and learned.

Help me understand the test questions well
      that I may apply my knowledge
      accordingly and be able to give
      the correct answers.

May I not forget to translate
      my learning into my daily life,
      passing them on to others
      especially through service
      and commitment to help build
      a just and humane society.

May I never be tempted to cheat
      in my examination nor leave
      their results to chances or luck.

Instead, may I do the best I can
      and use the gifts and abilities
      you have given me,
      for everything I have come from You.

Therefore, let me entrust
      my examination to You.

Ease my anxiety and nervousness
      and help me feel relaxed
      and confident in your abiding
      presence every moment of this day.

(This is the prayer prepared by Mr. Sy, the former office in-charge of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of La Carlota City, December 2010 - February 2012 purposely to be recited before the the Grade 6 pupils take their National Achievement Test in March 4, 2011.)

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