Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Call It a Day

I am about to sleep for my eyes are already heavy, but I try to write this short poem for tomorrow's inspiration.

"I Call It a Day*"
by Nocturnal Writer

The sun goes down
Fowls gather up and down
To their place of refuge, secured
Protected and assured.

Working people do likewise
In a hurry to homeward wise
To be in their own family
Safe, sound, happy.

Nightfall, peaceful and calm
Soothing breeze like a scented balm
Making you and me to fall asleep
For tomorrow's job to upkeep.

Goodnight, friends!

*This is a repost of my post, "Tomorrow's Inspiration" in myLot. And Nocturnal Writer is my pseudonym in my various online writing job. 


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