Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Maria Carissa: It's Your Day

Maria Carissa P. Trenuela-Camporazo
Maria Carissa P. Trenuela-Camporazo

It's Your Day

by Gil Camporazo

Time is flying unknowingly
Getting things done to age
Diverse emotions kept going
Unpredictable courses of life.

What then? Big query asked
Waiting for an answer uncertain.
God created everything for a purpose
For you and me, for everybody.

Well, no man could match
God's mysterious way unleashed
Those accepted Him of faith unmoved
As His spirit children humbly.

Blessed now is the day
Your parents brought you up
This day, your natal day
Glory to God under way.

Happy birthday, Maria Carissa
Your mother is happy in heaven
So as your father and siblings
All wishing birthday greetings.

(n.b. - a birthday tribute to our daughter-in-law, Maria Carissa P. Trenuela-Camporazo who is celebrating her  25th birthday today, December 6, 2018.)

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