Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On Christmas, the Night and Politics

12 - Christmas

by Gil Camporazo

Kids, adults alike
Feel and rejoice
on Christmas
The joyous season.
Gift giving,
Gift receiving
Expect every person.

11-The Night

by Gil Camporazo

The soothing breeze
Kissed my soft face
Feeling good
Full of solace
Worries are gone
Woes overcome
By stillness of the night


by Gil  Camporazo

Approaching Elections
Inciting ambitious people
To government positions
Both local and national
For good governance...
For dirty politicians
Looming graft and corruption.

(n.b. - These three poems are part of the series of 7-line poem written to myLot by Dodo Azo, the author's username.)

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