Wednesday, December 19, 2018

On Nativity, Family, Light of the World


by Gil Camporazo

A baby was born in a stable
Wrapped in a swaddling clothes
Visited by the shepherds
And revered by 3 Kings
This poor, humble infant
Bringing peace, goodwill to men
Becomes King of Kings.


by Gil Camporazo

From whence you come?
Are you Asian? European? Or whatever?
It matters not neither
The family is unique as we can say
The father, the mother, the children
Loving each other unperturbed
Together they live; they love; they pray.

Light The World

by Gil Camporazo

Our Heavenly Father
Loves His children,
Sends His Son
For peace,
Goodwill towards men.
His humble birth
The Light of the world.


(n.b. - These three poems are part of the series of 7-line poem written to myLot by Dodo Azo, the author's username.)

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