Friday, February 24, 2012

Now I Know!

by Gil Camporazo

I came upon this world
     Too long before I cried
     Not for my father's intuition
     Lest consciousness I gained not.

I lived in utter poverty
     Hard to eat - hard to live.
     My father's meager wage
     Not enough to feed the six.

I went to school
     No uniform. No ID.
     School activities deprived me
     No penny, no cents to get through.

Higher learning found solace I
     Latent talent found its way
     Happy to be through
     Livelihood truly led me.

Then a family raised I did
     Six of them loved them all.
     A mother, a wife to cherish
     Living, loving together, forever be.

A mission I saw:
     "Lovest thou me?", "Feed my sheep."
     "Who is my neighhor?"
     A dubious mind terribly pierced.

"Why me,Lord?"
     Worthy not to fill this task --
     Worthy not to heed this call --
     for infirm, frail -- I am!

Now I know --
     Unfailing faith taught me so
     A willing heart led me through
     It's me, Lord.

Now I know!


  1. This is a nice photo. It just show that if just keep the faith and never give up with what you want, you'll still have a grasp of it in due time.

  2. Great composition. I also love to write literary works when I was in school. I hope I can have time to write again too. :)

  3. I've always thought that adversity is a great molder of character. If this is your personal story, then no wonder you have achieved much. Well done.

  4. i miss reading your works sir Gil. keep up the good work :D

  5. Love the last stanza of this poem. Great work you have here! God Bless!

  6. Nice poem. I guess it's living in the harder times that made you a more responsible adult.

  7. nice Sir Gil! you are a testimony that if there's a will, there's a way, with God nothing is impossible.

  8. A very inspiring piece. Sir, I know god leadeth your path all the way.

  9. You are quite the poet, sir. I suck at making poems. But I know how to appreciate one and I like this one. :)

  10. I really admire people who has the talent to express themselves thru poetry, ang galing *clap*clap*

  11. A really deep and meaning piece Sir Gil. I remember when my professor taught me how to read these kinds of piece. :)

  12. You are really good in creating poems and writing articles. I adore you for that sir. Keep writing! :)

  13. I didn't know that you also write pieces like this. More power to you and your talent. May you use it to inspire others.


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