Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Rose and a Lady

by Gil Camporazo

'Twas early morning dawn,
I'm trekking in the street of quandary --
A lovely rose casts a surprise in me,
Dropped by someone, I believe a lady.

Doubt not it's a lady going to and fro,
Searching for something, though, I knew.
Me, holding up high, a rose with a dew
Caught the sparkling, glittering lady's eyes.

Unperturbed, she took it gently --
From my mind waiting for the reply.
With a simple, grateful kiss, she bade me adieu.
Alas! they're gone - a lovely rose and a beautiful lady.


  1. truly inspiring! the last line totally struck me, sir. bittersweet.

  2. Thanks @Athena, at least in my simple thoughts I've inspired you through this poem. I was actually emotionally touched of the last line when I wrote that, for I'd no chance, even just a couple of minutes or even a second to talk with that lady 43 years ago.. :(


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