Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fire, Hammer and Water

Fire, Hammer, Water

by MTP

We are the metal ores dug from the earth
Through GOD’s Almighty Hands
Full of weakness and flaws, lesser in worth
But He has plans; He only understands
To be revealed in time He set forth

Through fire He made us strong
Taught us to endure poverty, long walks and more
To finish the journey no matter how long
To strive harder than what we did before
To take the right side and forsake what is wrong.

He struck us like a smith’s Hammer
And we thought we are going to break
Yet, we didn’t, because He is a Loving Father
Who molded us for our future’s sake;
That we shall become individuals that matter

He brought us to waters so deep
And we thought we are going to get drowned
Yet, we didn’t, for His promise He always keep
He trained and cleansed us that we may be honed
Success and Blessings from Him we shall reap.

Now, we are prepared and certain
Tests and hardships we may be stormed
All of these will pass like the rain
Because from quality education we are formed
At the end, a better life we shall attain!

Note: Saktong Buhay: "Sa De-Kalidad na Edukasyon Pinanday" This is the 2015 graduation rites theme issued by the Department of Education. It says that quality education is worked about towards life appropriateness.

Along with this, our school is ready for its recognition and graduation rites on Friday, March 27. The above poem is written by Sir Mike T. Pabalate, a Grade 4 teacher-adviser who was inspired by this year's graduation theme, that is, having a quality education appropriate to everyone's life.

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