Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Girl I Need in My Life

Love in silhouette

I was 17 years old then when I first met my high school sweetheart who turned to be my wife for 43 faithful years now.

I was caught by her shiny, clean, black long hair. I loved caressing it but I couldn't for we'd not got acquainted yet each other.

Late that night, while I was studying my recent taken notes, I stopped and started imagining things out of nowhere. Until, I composed this short poem of adoration.

The Girl I Need in My Life

How lovely is the evening
Thinking a lady in her eyes beaming
Is she the girl I need in my life
To give me joy and happiness for life?

Yeah, the feeling is right
That beautiful damsel emerging in the night
Making me glad, feeling so fine
Till the end of time, she's truly mine.

Believe it or not - and this should be
For we are one - she is me and me is she
She's cute, so frail, so dearly
For time and eternity,
we're in a big family.

Note: I found out it later that we have the same birthdays.

By the way, this is a repost from my article "The Night When I Become Poetic" in ForumCoin[dot]com. I use the username of "Nakitakona" there.

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