Saturday, December 19, 2015

Five Tricky Friends

Five Tricky Friends (Have you met them?)

Five Tricky Friends
Five Tricky Friends?
I have five tricky friends
They go hand in hand
To nowhere and to all extends
Never mind to where they land.

One is called Cotton
It is light and white
But it is simpleton
careful for its bite

The second one is Begged
its eyes are round and bright
faking things, bootlegged
Challenged everyone to fight.

The third one is Present
It never gets time out
It' never get absent
It's there for you to bail-out

The fourth one is Spice
To see it with eyes gleaming
Again have it once or twice
Never, ever complaining

And the last is Scratchy
Sounds unsanitary or trivial
 Come and it is not itchy
It's friendly and jovial

My four friends are nothing
They're the product of mind
For writing and sharing
This poem nothing to find.


This is in reply to a Suddendeathpoem challenge posed by @Jessicalynnt, one of the users in myLot which I have joined for online writing. Just for the fun of it, I did accept the challenged and try. In reply, she said, "hat actually had a very nice flow, well done!!!"

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