Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Inday Carissa

Charming, caring and loving
    This gal when you know her.
    Her smile is so alluring
    Only her sweet could tap it so dear.

Amusing when she talks
    Listening to her soft voice
    Makes all folks
    Stand by for no choice.

Releasing her gait
    walking to and fro
    Like a model full of feat
    of talents like a pro.

Is there something for you?
    Describing in first meeting her
    She could be among the few
    Whose beauty's beyond conquer.

Sad to say, she's not available
    Her heart is captured so pure
    By a man so humble and gentle
    In God's word forever and sure.

Sometimes she's up and down
    Problems may come and go
    Her weakness makes her frown
    But she knows God loves her so.

And now this day is worth remembering
    It's her birthday to be happy
    with her family in humble gathering
    Celebrates it so gaily.


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