Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friendship in Verse

This is your humble poetaster in his attempt to compose a poem on FRIENDSHIP in response to the query of myLot friend Gayle Harrelson. For poetry sake, take time to read it. Thanks...

Friend looks after a friend
Just like love begets love
a thing that comes from above
Nurtured, cared until the end.

Responsiveness may be considered
For better or for worse
As confidentiality of course
Friends are forever and ever endeared.

In and out friends may come
For a fellowship, camaraderie
Its happiness would it be
That disgust may not come.

Even own family is minded not
For friends understand well
Matters go on show and tell
Yes, believe it or not

Nothing is comparable
In friends in words and indeed
Of what they eat and feed
For they are comfortable.

Duty first comes to self
Of a friend who's at stake
From the peril for no mistake
Thus getting him out of the shelf.

Sorry strengthens relationship
Coupled with humbleness
To express due remorsefulness
As a result of censorship.

Happiness, friends get
For being true and loyal
May be ephemeral
Merely thinking what to get.

Individual is unique
In Thinking and talking
In doing and sharing
Standing our in a clique.

Perhaps it's up and down
For friends do come and go
Caring, loving they surely do
As friends indeed in a crown.

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