Saturday, March 19, 2016

Edward's Five Poems

I - Words Running Out

I am running out of words
And the words is running out on me
It needed much silence
And sometimes what remains is it's voice
Like a flickering light of a firefly
The darkness beckons it to comes out
To spread what remains in oneself-
Longing, living, dying

II - What's In Me?

I knew it hurts
And it hurts me too-
The words spoken
too take this pain
And to retrace
All the paths
Out from a labyrinth
But it must be spoken
And you must listen
The echoes of fear
And silence
Of voices reverberating
And you must think
Otherwise like you,
All will be lost
And only be forgotten
And I cannot embrace you
Of what is within me

III - Otherwise

i must look at you
with memory
i shall forget

IV - Thinking About You

To think
About you
Is like
Making a
And walking
On rainbows-
there's no
Of lights and candles 3/7/16

V - Beautiful You

If only the sound of your name
Can heal me in this desperation,
Then I shall whisper all the litany
Bearing all that was in you
But forgive me, your name,
Remains in the labyrinth
Of a shadowed memory,
Maybe twas whispered on lucid interval,
Anyhow let me whisper it still-
May the wind carry it to you
And say the message that can't be said;
All that was true and beautiful is you.

(These five poems are taken from Edward Marcito;s Facebook Page. They're posted here with his permission.)

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