Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Poem To My Mother On Mother's Day

The author and his mother

"A Poem To My Mother On Mother's Day"
by Rudy Lanceta

Another Mother's Day Is Here,
And I Still Miss Having You Near,
You Were The Best Mom You Could Be,
And I Never Once Doubted Your Love For Me.

A Long Time Ago You Told Me,
No One Will Ever Harm My Dear Rudy,
You'd Save My Life From All Harm,
Tight In Your Arms, Safe And Warm.

I Could Spend Each Mother's Day In Sorrow,
Crying And Wishing You Were Here,
But Instead I Choose To Celebrate Your Life,
A Life I Still Hold So Dear.

I Know You'd Rather See Me Smile
Than Stand Here With Tears In My Eyes.
So I'll Do My Best To Honor Your Memory,
And You'll Live On As Long As I Am Alive.

posted with the permission of the author, 
Rudy Lanceta from his Facebook account.

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