Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Confused but Determined

The Poet

by Chinkee Claridad

What did you do to me?
How did you make me feel this way?
I don't wanna fall for you;
That is the last thing I ever wanna do.

You are not the kind of person
To whom I wanna trust my heart with
But should I still go on with my reasons
When the feelings have reciprocated?

On no! This can't be!
I can't believe that I fall in love easily.
I know this is not something new,
But I'm really afraid to commit to you.

Maybe, I should put the blame on gravity
Which makes me float when you are near
Or should it be on me?
For thinking so much if you're not here.

My brains says no
But my heart beats I like you too
Now, I don't really know what to do,
It's hard to choose between the two.


Being with you will never be faux,
Joining hands with you will be a go;
Just like the sough by my side,
I could hear you whisper gently
If our worlds collide.

I would never have to lose heart again
Even if I keep harping on the same string;
Presage could no longer have its turn,
If in my present world, you are around.

I would no longer have a face
as long as a fiddle;
For a sole smile from you gives my heart a tickle
Every moment with you would be a roller coaster ride;
Love would spin me around
If our worlds collide.

A knock-out man like you is few-and-far-between
In you, I found a better paradise
under heaven;
Your absence makes my heart grow fonder,
If our worlds collide, I dare say
I would be crazier.

(These are the two poems of Chinkee Claridad, posted in her Facebook account and are published them here with her permission.)

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