Friday, November 25, 2016

December Absolution

image by Filoteo Mendaza Aguillon

December Absolution
by Filoteo Mendaza Aguillon

i teofilo (filoteo)

touche my friend
i have scattered my poems
to the winds of november
to languish perhaps in
fragmented splendor in
some distant alien sphere

but i teofilo


still must essay
unspoken thoughts for december
when seasonal songs
of seasonal tidings
swamp the ears
with Christmas timbre

listen: when this time
of the year comes sliding in
do you feel such lilting gladness
as is wont of him who senses
his year near spent has been rewarding or
do you feel such wrenching sadness
like a ragged orphan denied
the raiment of the rich boy next door
however let it be

but i teofilo


must howl my rage
against the forces that
slowly suck the lifeforce
from my broken brown brothers
peace and goodwill to men
Christmas is forgiving but
how peace how forgive when
death stalks the countryside
death strikes on city streets
death reaps in stark daylight
death rapes the common tao's rights
(how many more deaths o my country
will it take before peace rests
in your captive breasts)

and i teofilo


must raise hesitant paeans to the heavens
and pray for the souls of the slain
and that His mercy fall upon us as dewfall
and His graces shower on us like rain

listen: whispering hope
o how welcome thy voice
making my heart
in its sorrow rejoice.

(posted from his FB timeline and reposted here with his permission.)

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