Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Is Forever

Christmas Is Forever

by Gil Camporazo

The last of the 12 months to remember
Kids, adults, all ages longing
For its coming sure and never-ending.

Why such a feeling?
January, February go on thrilling
Thus March, April, May get together
For June, July till November

That's true
For 'dashing through the snow'
Jingle bells are ringing
Carolers are singing.

Jesus is born
In Bethlehem City not forlorn
In swaddling clothes he wear
Glad tidings everyone to hear.

Shepherds saw
Three wise men followed through
'Peace on earth, good will to men
The world chorused "amen"

Black or white
Green and yellow plight
Christmas in their heart
So fully, so humbly never part.

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