Tuesday, March 28, 2017


by Gerlie M. Uy

The Watch and The Father
My watch stopped;
It needed new batteries.
And I remembered you
buying us all gold watches
when we were young
and they needed no batteries.
(like you, freely giving us
our independence).
They were classics,
your style.
But we let those watches go
for the fashionable ones,
and you did not object
(you were never holding us
from our independence).
If you were here today
when my watch stopped,
I know that you will be the one
to bring this to the watchman,
just like how you saw to it
that our wall clocks' hands
are still moving on.
We are moving on now
and though we are independent,
I know you are still under your watch.

The Author

Gerlie M. Uy


I couldn't miss reading anything what's in "The Watch", a booklet of poems and essays written by a humble lawyer, Atty. Gerlie M. Uy about his late father, Roger Uy who is very instrumental in giving me a break on how youth fellowshipping is all about as far as Jesus is concerned when we were in our youthful days.

As I took a selective reading of that booklet, I couldn't control my emotion and holding up myself of not having a teary eye. I couldn't forget our good old days, our friendship, our brotherhood for we were both an active member of Seca Beta Gamma fraternity when we're studying in college.

Brod. Roger, sorry to recollect our camaraderie before that we're in our best position to enjoy freely what is life all about. Anyway everything is a memory. May you rest in peace from where you are now.

This poem is culled from several poems of that booklet and is featured here with the permission of the author.


  1. It's always a good trip down memory lane when you read the works of someone you know, especially those that you look high up to. The Watch seems like a great read.

  2. That's a really meaningful poem for his father. You can see how much she misses him and attempts to move forward.

  3. Interesting concept of comparing watch with the times we spent ages ago!!! Both talk about time... Its beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful poem and a perfect way to remember a loved one who passed away. Happy Father's Day to you from the USA.


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