Thursday, August 10, 2017

times they're a-changing

37... times they're a-changing

by Filoteo Mendaza Aguillon

image/Filoteo Mendaza Aguilolon

the winds of change
came roaring fast
on that pivotal june 30 2016 day
to give us all at last
a time to let true freedom play

the silencing of basic human rights
the banishment to overcrowded jails
the suppression of press insights
the cover-up of drug lords' trails

the hoarding of ill-gotten wealth
the extravagance of an over-endowed few
the callous disregard for the common tao's health
the perpetuation of a corrupt government's view

these all have come to final grips
with a terminus so corrupt with a decadent stench
that the underprivileged armed with burning hearts and lips
voted a no-nonsense mayor to the presidential bench

the winds of change
now enveloped the land
it is up to us to rise and stand
to build anew a meaningful life
out of that ruinous six years strife

hail Filipino brothers sisters victors all
let us pool brain and brawn together
regain the glory lost in that ignominious fall
under the inclemencies of the Aquino weather!

N.B.: This is a cut from the author's serial thoughts from his FB page. This is reposted with his permission.


  1. Interesting. Not really sure what to say about it but I am sure it appeals to some people.

  2. Interesting poem. What happened on the june 30 2016?

    1. Inauguration of President Duterte as the new elected Philippines President.

  3. As I am teaching poem now on my students, this is something worth-sharing. I wonder what happened on that date.

  4. It's a meaningful poem. Writing a poem is not at all that easy for it takes not only a know how of its different forms but also a full grasp of the language. Nice one.

  5. This is a thought-provoking piece. No matter who is in leadership, we also need to do our part and do our best to contribute to our country. Instead of pointing fingers, we ought to do what we can for our country and fellow Filipinos.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  6. I was just trying to google what happened in Philippines on June 30. Is this about the terror attack?

    1. It's the inauguration of Duterte as the new elected President of the Philippines.

  7. Such a captivating poem. Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact,influence and inspiration. who knows the way and to show the way.

  8. Wow, you expressed your thoughts and feelings so profoundly in this piece. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. "it is up to us to rise and stand
    to build anew a meaningful life"

    This is what I like in the post :) It speaks a lot about how each of us has a choice to make. This tells us that we can choose to rise and stand up to make a change.

  10. Such a meaningful poem to begin with. In one year, there are so many changes already. I pray to have a better nation for my son and for the new generation.

  11. It's a nice poem that promotes hope and solidarity to Filipinos. May our nation becomes better in the years to come.

  12. I voted for the first time when RRD decided to run for president and I was so happy he won. I was rooting for him and MDS since Day 1. Kahit sino sa kanila manalo, OK ako. This poem speaks a lot about the Filipinos thirst for change and freedom.


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