Tuesday, January 22, 2019

a poet's pen turns enigmatic

a poet's pen turns enigmatic...

by Filoteo Mendaza Aguillon

cannot as yet
define your monumental mockery 
of my Diety's universal mind

you who first 
converted my exhausted soul
to the solemn mysteries of faith

you and your sublime discourses
of the creation of things and
the coupling of science to theologies

how is it
that you are now convincing me
to depart from the path of religiosity

and expunge
from the mind's eye the beatific vision
of God and His eternal dominion over unsullied souls

why have you
abandoned me in these murky light of unbelief
ascendent views grapple with the struggle in the heart


filoteo mendaza aguillon 12219

image credits: filoteo mendaza aguillon

with the poet's permission.
reference: poet's Facebook 

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