Saturday, February 23, 2019

coda...of sophomoric lines

(a repost poem of my friend, filoteo mendaza villas aguillon, posted in his own FB account. - admin)

coda...of sophomoric lines

sing o soul
sing the lifting song
of a fervid love for tonight
i rejoice and reminisce with delight
the tender clutch of virginia’s arms
and the engulfing haven of her charms
the sweet clinging kisses that taste like wine
the tingling press of pert breasts on mine

sing with the tempo
of flesh conjoining
of desire consuming
of harried breaths and
suppressed cries reaching
for uncharted heavens
and bursting stars

virginia you claimed victory in your surrender
as i plummeted down quaking in subdued implosions
heaving hefting reliving old passions old scars

sing loudly in ferment o soul
drown my infertile anguish
tonight am impassioned
but irredeemably alone...

filoteo mendaza villas aguillon

image credits: the poet


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