Friday, October 11, 2019

The Bid


The Bid
by Anthony H. Liobet

I have lost my pen for a while
And see no more the glimmer of ink
I missed the shapes of my thought
And temporarily halted the joy of the plays
For along time...
     the ink dried up
     the mind like leaves scattered around
     the papers are curling and the pens were stuck   
       like hay in a corner

When in suddenly the push is there and so I take
  the pen to reword the brain’s circuit where
  the heart is flooded with emotions,
  unspeakable it may seem that
  only the external could manifest and understand.

When all is but hope
And dream is but the foundation -
Looking life ahead is courage
And what you leave behind are truth
Unforgotten where
Tempest is a sweet refuge
And Love is a bitter pill

On this day, I take that pill where my heart is full of gratefulness to the City of La Carlota and its people
For helping me to bloom
And bloom well
In all myself...

Perhaps I have served you well and
WELL likewise my prayer
On to my new work station where
The BID of parting is strong.

n.b. (Reposted with permission from the author)

The author is the former Schools Division Superintendent of La Carlota Division. Now he's the new SDS of the Division of San Carlos City.


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